Bigger Bass Bonanza by Pragmatic Play!

Bigger-Bass-Bonanza-Slot-Game-By-Pragmatic-Play- Win

The thrill of the catch, the splash of the water, and the buzz of the reel – there’s nothing quite like it. When Reel Kingdom, in partnership with Pragmatic Play, released Big Bass Bonanza at the tail end of 2020, it was like they cast the perfect lure into the vast ocean of online slots. It became an instant hit among us online fishing enthusiasts. It’s funny, though; at first glance, it didn’t seem to stray far from what we’d already seen in slots like Fishin’ Frenzy. Yet, there was something irresistible about it – maybe it was the engaging bonus game with its tantalizing multipliers. Sure, we might have wished for a bigger trophy fish in terms of max wins, but Big Bass Bonanza had us hooked, setting the stage for an even grander adventure – Bigger Bass Bonanza.

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Bigger Bass Bonanza Gaming Options

From the moment I launched Bigger Bass Bonanza, I could tell this wasn’t just another fishing trip. The game had grown, not just in ambition but in size, adding an extra row to the mix for a 5-reel, 4-row layout, enhancing my chances on its 12 fixed paylines. The backdrop had transformed too, transporting me from the depths of the ocean to a vibrant shoreline, framed by palm trees and neon lights. It felt hip, almost as if I was fishing off the coast of somewhere like Miami, with an 80s electro-funk soundtrack setting the vibe. This wasn’t just fishing; it was fishing with style.

Gameplay and Features

As I delved deeper into the game, the familiar and generous RTP of 96.71% reassured me, though I noted the volatility had notched up, promising bigger thrills and, hopefully, bigger catches. The bet range adapted to the expanded gameplay, starting from a humble cast of 12 p/c to a bold $/€240 swing per spin.


The symbols brought the sea to life on my screen – from the humble 10-A card royals as the smaller fish in the sea to the more lucrative tackle boxes, lures, fishing rods, and boats. Catching a full line of fish scatters was like netting the total money value amount – a thrilling prospect.

Slot Features

Bigger Bass Bonanza didn’t just rehash the features of its predecessor; it enhanced them. The addition of an extra row and larger value money symbols felt like the game was stocked with even bigger fish. Scatters scattered across all reels, with 3, 4, or 5 unlocking 10, 15, or 20 free spins, leading to heart-pounding moments as wilds and money symbols landed, bringing in the haul on my behalf.

The elusive fish scatter, worth 4,000x the bet, became my white whale, a prize that teased and tempted with each spin. Wilds collected on a meter, and every fourth one retriggered the feature, increasing the multiplier and my adrenaline levels. It felt like a high-stakes game where each cast could bring in the catch of a lifetime.

Reflecting on the Journey

Bigger-Bass-Bonanza-Slot-Game-By-Pragmatic-Play- Win

Bigger Bass Bonanza lived up to its name, offering an expanded reel set, more paylines, and a high-stakes math model. The shift in setting might have stirred some waters, moving from a laid-back deep-sea vibe to a vibrant shoreline party. Yet, the essence of the game remained – a carefree, thrilling pursuit of the big catch.

For fans of the original Big Bass Bonanza or anyone who’s ever enjoyed the simple pleasure of Fishin’ Frenzy, Bigger Bass Bonanza offers more – more excitement, more rewards, and, importantly, more fun. With the potential to net a win 4,000 times the bet, it’s a fishing trip worth embarking on. So, here’s to all of us anglers, casting our lines into the digital deep, chasing that next big win. Bigger Bass Bonanza, you’ve got my heart racing, and I’m ready for another cast!